Verification of measuring instruments

Verification of measuring instruments is carried out to establish their suitability for use.

The measuring instruments, the verification of which, performed in accordance with the requirements of normative documents on verification, confirms their compliance with metrological and technical requirements for this measuring instrument, established in normative documents, shall be recognized as suitable for use during the interverification interval.

Calibration is carried out in order to determine the actual values of metrological characteristics of measuring instruments.

Measuring instruments not intended for use in measurements specified in the lists of measurements related to state regulation may be subjected to calibration on a voluntary basis.

The calibration laboratory carries out its measuring activity of reference equipment in strict accordance with the provisions of GOST ISO | IEC 17025.

Metrological capabilities of OmegaProm LLP:

Our company is ready to offer you a full range of services required for certification of your products:

  • Translation of technical documentation

  • Development / revision of product passports

  • Development of related technical documentation

  • Documentary support for product certification

  • Consulting services on selection of main equipment (including service maintenance) – selection is carried out on the basis of equipment life cycle cost, taking into account reliability.
  • Consulting services on selection of auxiliary equipment suppliers – selection is based on the price-quality ratio.
  • Consulting services on selection of the source of financing (leasing, project financing, credit line, etc.) – the main criterion of this choice is the “cost” of the attracted money.

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