Consulting services

Consulting is urgently needed in the construction of autonomous power plants. First of all, consulting in the construction of power plants is justified economically. Also, consulting allows you to competently, impartially and objectively determine the choice of main and auxiliary equipment to select the optimal configuration – complete the future energy facility.

Qualified consulting allows to save significant money of the customer, from 10 to 40% of the total amount of the contract.

Competent consulting from professionals in the field of energy, allows you to avoid costly mistakes in the design and in the choice of equipment suppliers. Quality consulting from professionals in the energy sector saves you time and money.

Realization of projects on construction of thermal power plants requires a comprehensive and consistent approach. Qualified specialists of OmegaProm with extensive practical experience offer a proven methodology for solving the full range of issues arising in the construction of power plants and other facilities in the energy industry.

Consulting services of OmegaProm provide for full organization and management of the project - control of the implementation of quality and timing of turnkey construction is carried out at all stages.

Consulting provides qualified procedures for the customer, aimed at reducing investment costs in the construction of various facilities in the power industry, including the construction of power plants. The following activities are envisaged:

Consulting allows you to reduce the real cost of the project in relation to the preliminary investment cost from 10 to 30%!

The advantages of our consulting services consist in the following main points:

Certification of products for compliance with the TR CU

Our company is ready to offer you a full range of services required for certification of your products:

  • Translation of technical documentation

  • Development / revision of product passports

  • Development of related technical documentation

  • Documentary support for product certification

Consulting services

  • Consulting services on selection of main equipment (including service maintenance) – selection is carried out on the basis of equipment life cycle cost, taking into account reliability.
  • Consulting services on selection of auxiliary equipment suppliers – selection is based on the price-quality ratio.
  • Consulting services on selection of the source of financing (leasing, project financing, credit line, etc.) – the main criterion of this choice is the “cost” of the attracted money.

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