Certification of products for compliance with the TR CU

The Customs Union, which began its activities in October 2007, is a mutually beneficial partnership of several states that trade with each other. Customs Union certificate is an authorizing document for goods, raw materials, equipment within the union. The advantages of this association of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, as well as relatively recently joined by Kyrgyzstan and Armenia, are in the significant simplification of the process of trade turnover, provided by the reduction or complete elimination of customs duties. The Customs Union is managed by an interstate commission, which includes representatives of all CU member countries. According to the agreements, this body conducts its activities from the capital of Russia.

What is a Customs Union certificate?

In order to ensure proper control over the quality of goods moving between the member states of the Customs Union, a modern system of their certification was developed, determining compliance with all applicable standards. Companies-manufacturers of any products sold within the CU, after passing this procedure receive a certificate of the Customs Union. This document gives them the right to freely trade with any countries of the interstate association on the most favorable terms.

Certification of conformity of products to technical regulations or state standards provides both manufacturers and sellers with the following advantages:

Customs Union certificates: confirmation of conformity of products to GOST or technical regulations

The main purpose of the Customs Union certification is to ensure compliance of goods with both state standards (GOST) and technical regulations, the following of which have already been adopted by all CU partners:

All the above technical regulations came into force on March 15, 2015.

It should be reminded that before this date, transitional provisions were in force, which made it possible to trade without a certificate of conformity of the Customs Union, but to use national standards and regulatory documents. Today, this is not possible - each participant of the CU market is obliged to undergo the certification procedure, if the goods produced or sold by it are in the relevant list.

Who should be involved in issuing a certificate of conformity of the Customs Union?

The certificate of conformity of the Customs Union is necessary first of all for manufacturers of this or that product. For this purpose, a trading company or manufacturing enterprise need only perform a few simple actions:

How to obtain a certificate of conformity of the Customs Union?

The procedure for issuing a certificate can be carried out according to the following schemes:

The form of the Customs Union certificate is uniform for all five states that are members of the five-nation economic union. In order to obtain a document confirming the quality of products, Russian manufacturers need to provide the details of the company, GOST or technical specifications in accordance with which the goods are manufactured and the constituent documents of the legal entity.

Foreign manufacturers will require an extended package of documents, which in addition to all of the above should include:

Registration of the certificate of conformity of the Customs Union takes place in our body for certification of products. Before execution of the document our customer receives a preliminary layout of the certificate for coordination and verification of all data for errors and reliability. After the customer confirms all the data, we issue the certificate and enter it in the register.

Validity period of the Customs Union certificate

The maximum validity period of the certificate of conformity of the Customs Union is 5 years. But each manufacturer is free to choose how long the document will be valid. The vast majority of companies use this opportunity in two main ways:

The most popular types of certification and declaration of products:

Our company is ready to offer you a full range of services required for certification of your products:

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